Yasherly Bachri, Anisa Sri Utami


Cases of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to increase in Indonesia due to the lack of implementation of health protocols in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. Teenagers in the age group still do not have self-awareness in preventing the transmission of COVID-19 by gathering with friends at a place to eat. Therefore, this study aims to see the average self-awareness of adolescents in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. This study used a quasi-experimental design with a sample of 28 teenagers from SMAS PSM Bukitinggi. This study shows that the average self-awareness of adolescents in the prevention and transmission of COVID-19 is 26.76 with a standard deviation of 3,226. This illustrates that PSM SMAS students already have self-awareness in implementing health protocols. So with this research, it is hoped that all schools will continue to remind teenagers about preventing the transmission of COVID-19 either directly or by using social media. This will have a positive impact on reducing the number of Covid-19 in Indonesia.

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